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Project Parent Boxes 2016 Delivered

We Did It!

I don't know where to start, this year has had its challenges but gosh we've managed to pull it off! We've successfully delivered 291 Project Parent boxes, 142 mini packs and 28 extra LUSH bath kits. That's 461 smiles from parents on Christmas Day spread out over 5 main hospitals plus 40 home locations.
This year started rocky, with no funding available and very limited fundraising due to dodgy health. We had a pretty horrific meeting with some funding panels which nearly made me pack it all in, but my volunteers picked me up and kept me going.
This project is nothing without my volunteers. They're all so marvellous and have helped me so so much. So, a special shout out goes to my area leaders - Danielle (Newcastle), Kristina (Bristol), Louise (Leeds), Shaun (Lancaster) and Sophie (Southampton). These guys are incredible and had their own little team of volunteers to help pack and deliver boxes too! I had Carlos' family & my Carer with her son helping a lot, so they were amazing at being my hand & legs when I couldn't pack! But, whether you helped for an hour or one hundred hours, I appreciate you all so much! Danielle and Kristina joined PP as trustees to help with the work load and they've gone above & beyond - from securing donations to packing until midnight, they've been extra incredible.
One company we honestly couldn't have done it without is Ringtons. I actually get teary writing what they've done for me - from donating all the tea/biscuits/hotchoc/coffee, transporting the boxes in their van and even visiting me in bed, this company has gone above and beyond anything I could ever ask for. SCA donated us tissues and sponsored 20 boxes which was an incredible surprise - this meant we could give out more boxes and they've been so supportive! Twinings, border biscuits, hotel-buyer, davpack & country baskets all gave us items or discount which helped us make more packs up for more families - thank you!!
We've had some incredible donations - Spoonie Survival Kits just gave us £450 from their kits which is so so good as it nearly finds a whole hospital for next year!! Prestige entertainment sponsored 5 boxes, as well as Diamond Cleaning which sponsored another 5! We had coffee mornings from last year by Stocksfield Methodist Church & tombolas at Stocksfield festival which boosted our funds. Bristol rugby team offered us a signed shirt which has just been auctioned off raising some money for next year too ☺
Individuals have sponsored boxes or completed (crazy) challenges for us. My uncle and auntie ran a marathon and basically funded Leeds hospital this year in the process! Trustee Danielle made candles, Rory did dog walking and mum did a bake sale. Box sponsorships from Becca, Carl, Amy, Merryn, Brendan, Rosie, Holly, Shaun, Andrew, Alice, Naomi, Amy, Hilary, Sian, Charlotte and Hayley all made a difference to families this year. Whether one box was sponsored, or 20, you made those smiles!
I can't finish without thanking O2ThinkBig who helped me start & continue this project. A special thanks to Alex who's helped me an awful lot this year with problems and the website :) 
So, basically I wanted to say thank you to everyone. I'm so proud of how well things have gone this year and it's motivated me to get started for next year! I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas (and my volunteers can finally get some rest!!). Sending all my love, Kate x

Two out of our many positive feedbacks from this years boxes

GNCH Newcastle - I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the wonderful gift boxes for my parents. They were absolutely fantastic and my parents were over the moon on Christmas morning with their surprises. I can’t tell you how extremely grateful I am for your generosity and kindness, as you should be beaming with pride for all the hard work you have put in to accomplish such a fantastic idea for families in hospital.


Nicky - Thank you to Project Parent for my box of goodies, it brought a little tear to my eye as I really didn't expect anything for me'

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