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We have provided over 1,500 boxes now and usually support 9 hospitals from Newcastle, up in the North, all the way down to Southampton. Covid hit many small charities but it halted our fundraising efforts as I had to shield for 5 months. We now have had to change the look, items, packing procedures and delivery of all of our boxes because of the pandemic - something which isn't cheap.

We have teamed up with BearHugs, a social enterprise close to my heart who are able to produce and pack our boxes safely this year. Their company employs people with chronic illnesses, and as someone who has multiple ones myself, I know this is a fantastic scheme to team with.

The boxes look different this year but still cost us £10 to produce. We have a travel mug which is hospital-safe and some Christmas tea which will be enjoyed as a warming cuppa by many. They will be lovingly packed, in a Covid-friendly environment, and under restrictions, we will be able to get them to the hospitals to the families in need.

This year, we are hoping to support 8 hospitals and give out 25 boxes at each one. Although this is halving our work from last year, we know this will still make a vital difference and would love any support.

£10 sponsors one box. If you leave your name, with the nearest local hospital we are supporting, we will put a note in the box to say that you have sponsored the box for the family receiving it. Please note, we do our best to match you to your nearest hospital, but if we receive lots of donations for one hospital, we do allocate to others. But, your name will ALWAYS go in a box.

Thank you so much,

Kate & the Project Parent Team x

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