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About Us

Project Parent's main aim is to provide gift boxes to the parents of children who are in hospital over Christmas. We currently work with hospitals in Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, York, Liverpool, Bristol, and London. We also provide a small number of gift boxes to parents who are looking after chronically ill children throughout the year, even if they aren't hospitalised.

Meet Our Volunteers

Kate Stanforth

Founder and Co-ordinator.


Kate is the founder and manager for Project Parent. She organises all the volunteers and has managed to secure £2,800 worth of funding to help set the project up.

Sophie Brady

Southampton Leader


Sophie is our leader for the Southampton hospital. She packed and delivered our boxes last year and continues to be a key member for Project Parent

Kristina Lewis

Bristol Leader


- Kristina is our leader for the Bristol area. She has so far accomplished amazing things like getting the Bristol rugby team on board with our project and successfully securing £270 of LUSH donations for our boxes this year.

Rory Singer

Bristol Volunteer


Rory is our volunteer for the Bristol area. So far he has managed to fundraise £60 through dog walking and has become a valued member of our team.


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