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Calligraphy Workshop


We started off our fantastic monthly craft workshops by having Angela from Creative Calligraphy over to demonstrate her wonderful calligraphy skills. Hosted at the enchanting Elisa Rose tearooms, we had a class of 14 and learnt foundational hand. She firstly demonstrated how to hold the pen and the correct technique for doing the alphabet, then we were put to practise. We all got practice sheets and a calligraphy pen set to take home so we can all practise our new hobby! The feedback from everyone was brilliant, so good in fact that we are planning to run another workshop later on in the year. We raised an incredible £94.44 which was well over target thanks to a few extras squeezed in on the day so that's set us off to a great start! A big thank you to Angela and Elisa for their talents and tearooms.

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