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Colour Run

April brought us our first ever colour run! We had 3 amazing volunteers; Abi, Elisa and Alex. They opted to do the 5k colour run around Minsteracres in Slayley, Northumberland. Carlos and I volunteered to help throw paint at the runners, the weather held out, and it was a lovely day. It was all going well and my runners were on their final lap. Now, I don't know if you've seen our Facebook page but there's a live video of what happened next. Basically, my 3 runners ganged up on Carlos + I, and attacks us with a tonne of paint which I wasn't expecting at all on the final stretch of the race. We all ended up covered and as I wasn't expecting to get much paint on me I didn't even bring a change of clothes. Anyways, it was a brilliant laugh, we are still collecting the sponsorship money in and we will let you know as soon as it's counted how much the team raised. Well done everyone and thank you to Lifespan for having us!

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