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"Thank you so much for our box received at Kingston yesterday. Such a wonderful surprise. Merry Christmas to you all xx" - Hannah (pictured above)

“Thank you so much for making Christmas morning a little brighter. What an amazing box. It was so epic!” - Hannah 

"Thank you SO much- we received a box in Bristol Children’s Hospital tonight and it was so touching to have something for the parents! Amazing idea, and truly appreciated ❤️ Happy Christmas to all" - Carly

"Thank you so much! Received our lovely gift box this morning in Southampton! Such thoughtful items for tired stressed out parents! We spend a lot of time in and out of hospital with our 2 disabled daughters and this was such a lovely surprise ❤" - Lucinda

"Thank you so much, it was a lovely surprise to get my thoughtful Christmas box when I went for my chemo in Hartlepool" - Donna

"Hi! I just wanted to say that what an amazing job you are doing. My little girl was admitted to intensive care on Christmas Day which was terrifying but we got given one of your boxes which is so kind and thoughtful, you do such amazing things. The colour therapy book especially I love, really helpful at this stressful time!" - Chloe 

"Hi. I received my box today at Bristol Children's Hospital. My son has been in for 2 weeks and will be over christmas. I was so surprised to receive so lovely.
Thank you so much for making a hospital stay a little better. xx" - Alison 

"Thank you so much for our parent project box today. We are looking after our son on paediatric intensive care in Bristol. What a wonderful gift for us at such a difficult time. We really appreciate your hard work and support." - Alison

"Hi, during the Xmas period unfortunately my 4 month old baby was admitted to hospital and we had to stay in over Christmas Eve , we were not expecting to stay in at all with her so we had nothing with us at all. We were so so touched by the project parent box, we had absolutely no idea about it before we received one!! It really made our stay a little more bearable (I especially loved the mug). It’s such a lovely idea. Thank you so much xx" - Lauren

"I just wanted to extend our very heartfelt thanks to you and the team at Project Parent.

The wonderful Karen who is one of your volunteers down in South London very kindly dropped off nearly 50 boxes for the hospital just before Christmas and they have all been very gratefully received within our maternity and paediatric areas.

The staff continuously rave about these boxes as everything they have inside is so useful for the parents who find themselves a bit stuck while their little ones are in hospital. It’s the little things like this that make such a difference in our ever stretched NHS. Please do include us in any of your planning around the next set of boxes as the team would love to be involved.

We think you are all wonderful.

Thank you again and please do have a look at our website as I posted a little thank you online as well.

Kind regards

Michelle B
Fundraising Manager"

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