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New Leeds Leader!

I'm so excited to announce our new team member, Kate Elliott! Honestly, we were absolutely blown away by her application to be a leader and within her first few weeks with us the team has had a huge boost from her! I cannot wait to see what amazing things she is going to do and I'm honoured to have such a great person added to our leaders. Here's a little bio to introduce her, please give her a warm welcome!

Hello! I’m Kate and I’m 26 and originally from Suffolk, now living in York. I’m craft mad and spend a lot of my free time covered in paint, surrounded by wool crocheting or trying out some new art journalling idea. I have two cat babies, Stitch and Nala; and I am a writer and media lead for a CYP mental health organisation. I’ve always been really impressed with everything that Project Parent do, so I quickly jumped on the opportunity to get involved! Having been in hospital and suffered from chronic mental health problems, I am keen to support parents who are dealing with difficult times in their children’s lives. I was heavily involved with RAG (Raising and Giving) throughout my time at the University of York; where I did everything from being part time sabbatical officer and organising the annual RAG parade (a few years running) to getting reindeer on to campus in aid of charity! I was first involved in fundraising at high school and then in my gap year, trekking through the Borneo jungle to raise money for the Blue Cross. Since leaving Uni, I’ve been missing volunteering so I’m really excited to use my creative skills and experience as part of the totally inspiring Project Parent team.

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