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Project Parent Teams Up With

Spoonie Survival Kits

Project Parent and Spoonie Survival Kits have teamed up to do our first ever valentines event. The event includes a gift swap and a raffle - all for a £2 donation. The gift swap is similar to secret santa - you get matched up with someone to send and receive a gift from. The raffle is a valentines themed box containing a LUSH bath bomb, chocolate, wooden heart lights, stickers, sequins, heart soap and heart tea lights in a sparkly box. You can take part in both events, or one, and all money is split between PP and SSK. Join in by registering interest on out Facebook event page here and join in the fun!

Because of the success, we decided to host an Easter gift swap and raffle. This raised £16.55 for ourselves and the same amount for SSK which is a lovely little boost. I had a fabulous time buying the raffle prizes and taking part in the swap. Now planning for the next one commences...

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