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Ringtons Go Above and Beyond

We wanted to share with you how a local company helped Project Parent blossom this year. Ringtons Tea, based in Newcastle, went above and beyond to support us this year. I got in contact with them earlier in the year to apply for a 'tea party box'. With this, I thought if I was lucky enough to get one we'd maybe get 50 teabags - how wrong was I. I had a message saying they'd like to drop off a donation for us, which was already incredibly kind as I struggle to get out the house. One of the friendliest members of staff came up to visit me in my room (you don't know how much that means to a chronically ill person!) and told me that they'd donated 1,500 bags of tea, 2,000 gingersnap biscuits, 300 coffee sticks, 50 hot chocolate sachets and 443 limited edition Snowdog packs. I was literally on the verge of tears, we didn't think we would have enough money to make up as many gifts boxes as last year but this donation changed it all. Not only did they donate products, but we had 3 of their lovely members of staff help deliver the boxes to the RVI using their van. I can't emphasise enough how incredible this all was, and the fact they were so lovely topped it all off. They have been amazing ever since at keeping in touch, and even sent one of our families extra hot chocolate as the young girl on chemo would only drink it! So, a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart to Ringtons. Amazing products + customer service. Visit their website here

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