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Bottle Tombola Stall at Stocksfield Festival

A fantastic day at Stockfield Festival was made even better by the rain bringing everyone into the tent, in which we had our stall. The stall was made up from over 60 bottle donations from local people and businesses. We would first like to say thank you to both those who showed up to help out on the day, and to those who dropped by and had a go on our stall. We had over 100 people come by and take part. The stall worked by paying £1 to pick out 5 raffle tickets, with those tickets ending in a zero being those that won prizes. There was a wide range of success with some winning 3 prizes from their 5 tickets, and people not giving in and continuing to buy tickets until they won. In some cases they spent up to £5 before they got lucky!

A big thank you to Project Parent volunteers Kate, Abi, and Tracy Stanforth for their hard work in setting up the stall, and collecting donations in the weeks prior to the event. It really couldn't have gone ahead without their hard work. And also thank you to everyone who made a donation. It was because of you that we did as well as we did. In total we made a profit of £90 which will be going towards putting together the gift boxes for this Christmas, and every pound really does help.

Thank you all.

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