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2018 Sponsors

Without kind donations of both money + products, Project Parent wouldn't be able to reach as many families without all the support. As a team, we would like to thank:

Donations of products from businesses and organisations for the boxes:

Donations, sponsorship or fundraisers from businesses and organisations:

  • Workshop hosts - Creative Calligraphy, Cakes, Classes & Cutters, Sourdust Pottery

Individuals from participating in our workshops + events:

  • Calligraphy Workshop - Jaki, Tracy, Susan, Amanda, Rebecca, Kathleen, Alex, Sue, Maxine, Michelle, Bernice, Elisa, Maryann & Val

  • Valentines Swap - Kate, Caroline, Alison, Hayley, Helen, Angeline, Robert, Stephanie, Daniella, Marie, Chloe, Katie, E Cornford

  • Cakes, Classes & Cutters -  Bethany, Claire, Dorothy, Maxine x 2, Stephanie x 2 and Sue x 3

  • Sourdust Pottery - Kerry, Jane, Emma, Deborah, Shan-Louise and Sue + 3

  • Felt making - Julie, Paula, Pat & Christine


  • Andrew M

  • Megan L

  • Julie

  • Alison

  • Jane

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