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2019 Complete!


I set up Project Parent in 2014 not knowing that 5 years later we would have handed out over 1,800 boxes and created over 2,000 smiles with extra gifts. From my hometown in Newcastle, we now span all the way down to Southampton and I have THE MOST amazing team who help me year on year to make this a success. I spend an awful lot of time in hospital, so I know just how much these boxes will be appreciated by parents who will receive them on Christmas morning. We are sending all our love to those who may be having a difficult Christmas. If you receive a box of ours, I hope it provides you with a little pick-me-up 🎁 (Please do, if you have time later on, leave us some feedback as I love to pass it on to my team!)

This one is for all the carers who are working over Christmas (paid, unpaid, friends & family) and also to my team, in particular my leaders, packers & sponsors, for making this a reality. I love you all 💕

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