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2019 Box Sponsors

Without kind donations of both money + products, Project Parent wouldn't be able to reach as many families without all the support. As a team, we would like to thank:

Corporate Sponsors:

Charitable Donations:

Box Sponsors:

 (As of 19/12. All donations later on will be carried forward to 2020)

Chloe T, Heather W, Rosie T, Charlotte C, Nicolle H, Alice W, Stuart R, Sally S, Naomi B, Naomi M, Lucia S, Karen A, Charlotte T, Ben F, Amber and James S, Ruby Price, The Robinson-Kirks, Emily and Clara, Roy S, Jane, Laura & Holly N, Kate D, Georgia and Joey, Alison B, Vicky B, Virena Xenzone, Abi and Jack, Anne T & Andrew M.

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